I'm still building my store that allows the player to buy passive skills (start disabled and hidden) that boost their stats but I'm having 2 problems:

-I want for example that the level 2 of the max HP boost appears and replaces the level 1 boost once the level 1 is purchased and so on on several levels, so I tried conditions from inventory>shop>abilities but when I put one even filled (test with an addition of hidden objects in the inventory after purchasing the skill) the second skill does not appear at all but it appears as soon as the condition is removed; I tried with a skill having levels and with a second skill acting as level 2 but in both cases it does not work. I also tried with a schematic in status>abilities>level settings to make the player learn the skill after purchase and the same with a condition the second skill does not appear in the store.

I confess that I do not understand what is blocking.

The purpose of this manipulation is to make a skill store a bit like that of vampire survivor but in game.
  • The conditions are only used when filling the shop's stock. E.g. if you save the shop's content (via Save Shop setting in the shop's settings and using a Shop ID in the shop interaction), the stock is only created the first time the shop is opened.

    Otherwise, the stock is created each time you open, checking the conditions at that time. So here, the abilities would be available once you close and open the shop again.

    Schematics have nodes to change and reset a saved shop's content.
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  • Ok I see maybe its achievable with some schematics refreshing shop after the purchase.
    I will try it and tell you if anything occur.

    I wish you a Merry christmas and Happy new year by then .
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