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I'd like to set up an aoe attack so that it grants the user a consumable resource (like the Rage resource for warriors in WoW) based on how many opponents the ability hits.

I know how to make ability give a set amount of such a resource on hit, or even a variable amount, under the "User Changes" settings. My questions are:
1. Is there a way to track how many combatants the ability hits and deals damage to when you use it?
2. And could that be used in a user changes formula or do the user changes happen before the ability runs its battle event / calculates damage / etc?
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  • 1) The user changes are only done once on the user - but you can use the target changes instead. They have the Switch User/Target setting to have the changes be made on the user instead - this is executed per target, i.e. each target would change the user's status as defined.

    2) If you want to go via user changes, you could e.g. use a game event on target changes to increase an object variable on the user (event object of the event). The user changes can use that object variable.
    Remember to reset the variable at the start or end of the ability, though (via battle event).
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  • Thank you! The switch user/target setting should work just fine!
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