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I'd like to propose a new feature for Ork Framework 3; a lock-on system akin to Zelda and Dark Souls, and pretty much most third-person action games.

With the massive popularity of Souls-like games, I believe such a feature out of the box will be of great use to many RPG devs such as myself.

1. Lock-on to nearest Damage Zone in camera view.
2. Reticle on targeted Damage Zone.
3. Targeted Damage Zone remains in camera view.
4. Toggle lock-on between nearby Damage Zones.
5. Always facing the targeted Damage Zone during attacks, whether melee or projectile.
6. Camera orbits around targeted Damage Zone while moving left or right.
7. Option to have unique movement animations when locked-on such as strafing or walking backwards; otherwise, the player moves normally.
8. Allow movement abilities when locked-on, such as jumping and dodging to the side or backwards.
9. Animation layer support for moving while attacking with abilities that allow movement such as shooting guns.
10. Lock-on breaks when too far away from targeted Damage Zone, enemy dies, or player releases lock-on.
11. An option between having to hold down a button to remain locked-on or press once.

This has yet to be approved by Gaming is Love, so no money is being received yet nor do I know the potential cost yet.
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    Wonderful! Please go by the list posted here; I edited and added a few things since emailing you.
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  • Bumping up to see if anyone else would be interested in this feature!
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