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Is there an example project of the 2d top down playground that exists? Otherwise would you be able to make one available like you have with the other formats? I saw on the discord that a few people have asked about 2d recently and it would be great to have a finished project to compare to just like there are with the 3d projects and grid battle. It’s quite helpful to know if you’re following the guides right. I also think it is good for people looking for that, to be able to see that ork can do it and to test it out while they’re investigating assets on the store.
It probably will just be a small variation on the existing 3d playground demo from what I have read, but if you’re able to put that up it would be great.
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  • A short top down 2D tutorial series with a simple status system and turn based battles is currently in pipeline, should start within the next 2 weeks :)
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  • Awesome, yeah this would be great. Still new to ORK, the tutorials are nice but I have to cross reference the 3D playground and 2D grid to achieve this same thing, so this would be appreciated!
  • That’s great news, thanks!
    It would be awesome if you could make it compatible with the playground. I’m planning on making a turn based game that swaps between 2d and 3d scenes :)
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