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Hi everyone,
I’m trying to work on a 3d grid battle system, obviously trying to grasp the basis first.

I am at the point in which I use schematics to place the group of allies and the group of enemies on the grid. The tutorial (based on Ork Framework 2) says to use battle -> combatant -> spawn combatants from the group “enemy group”, then do the same for “Ally group”. But these two parameters do not exist. The function is now called “spawn battle combatants”, works like a charm but doesn’t allow me to just spawn the enemy group, it spawns either everyone or the player only.

Thanks for any tip
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    @Fabrizio3k Here is the tutorial updated for ORK 3: https://orkframework.com/guide/tutorials/2d-grid-battle-rpg/start-2d-grid-battle-rpg/

    This one is built straight for the Fire Emblem phase battle approach, but you can just ignore that and insert your own battle system too. Other than the scene and environment setup, nothing is really specific to 2D too.

    To spawn just the enemies, I believe you can click the Settings node, add them as an Actor, and then uncheck Spawn All in Spawn Battle Combatants and choose that Actor.
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  • What @Acissathar said :)

    I'd recommend to do ORK 3's 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorial series to learn setting up grid battles. Most of the setup is the same for 2D and 3D.
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