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Is there a way to change Target Selection Settings: Target Range in an ability depending on if the combatant is player controlled or not? I am trying to use the same attack ability for AI combatants and the player in a real time ARPG. With the target range set to single the AI attacks correctly, but the player can't use the ability since it doesn't have a target. Setting the target range to none allows the player to use the ability but not the AI. I played around a bit with the auto target settings but it just broke both player and AI. Any suggestions?
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  • No, the target range can't be changed like that.

    If you use the attack via control maps, try using Use Auto Target and No Target Selection for the control key's action settings.

    Otherwise, you could set up a 2nd attack ability that's hidden and have the battle AI use that instead.
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  • Auto Target in the control key's actions works well, thank you
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