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K, so first question is about stat bars. Before I go try and do this I just wanna verify if it's even possible. So we obviously have an energy system for sprinting which is easily set up via game controls. However, is it possible to make an energy bar for this to be display on screen via a gui? So say as soon as you start sprinting the bar pops/fades in and goes down and then when you stop it fades out. Is this possible via the events system and gui creation menu? This question goes for any type of bar as well. I'm not making a survival game or anything but is it possible to make a hunger bar and have that go down over time via an event it's attached to?

Second question is about menus. K so the menu tut has been released and I intend to try it out when I'm less busy. I have a quick question towards this matter though. So say I wanna make a menu that isn't a main menu or an items menu can this be done via the Ork menu options? Like for example If I wanna say Open a book in my inventory and when it opens a menu pops up that displays stuff related to the book or perhaps an options menu to make it so sound can be lowered and what not. Is this possible via Ork?

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  • I can tell you that the answer to your first question is currently no, because I've been pestering for this in the feature requests, lol. It could be done by using a status value for the "sprint energy", but currently this cannot be done. Now your hunger bar could be done with status values mixed with either events or settings in ORK. (I believe there is a setting to have a status value regenerate or deplete over time.)
  • You can create bars like that fairly easily; I have an oxygen meter that depletes and replenishes itself. The Sprint meter is a different matter as it's an ORK-centric character controller thing that isn't directly accessible the same way normal status values are.

    Second question is, yes, basically. You can make a large variety of custom menus.
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  • Thanks for the info guys. I'll have a play about and see what I can manage to come up with. :D
  • Having the sprint energy use a status value is already on my list - but since ORK's built-in controls are just simple controls to get you started and most of you will use your own controls anyways, it's not a high priority :)
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