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Happy new year to all of you, and I wish you success in your game projects!

I have a few requests/questions:

- My prototype is a hack'n slash, and I want to set up classic hack'n slash controls.
ORK is very flexible, so that was easy for character movements, selections and cameras. But I didn't find out how to set up a "move + action" feature.
- when I click an ennemy I want to Follow and Attack the ennemy.
- when I click a loot (Item Collector) I want to Approach and Collect it.
- when I click a NPC I want to Approach and Talk to him.
In fact, if I'm not near enough to enable the default action, I have to approach the target first.
Not sure my request is very clear if you never played hack'n slash before :)

- Can we have Tooltips for Item Collectors?
Tooltips are available for combatants, gameobjects and various GUI elements, but there is no way to have them working for Item Collectors.

- Is there a way to preview Critique and Block chance in a menu screen?
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