I'm currently rebuilding my game, which was built off of a turned based combat system. However after play testing, many players felt they were playing more of the same and I tended to agree with them, it wasn't innovative and nothing that I was really proud of.

I'm in the beginning process of rebuilding the game into an Action RPG using ORK, however the entirety of the game is within 2D.

How would I go about doing this? I have the damage zone set up, however it seems to not be as simple as that as I cannot even get the attack to spawn a prefab of the weapon during an attack. Thus, there is no damage being done to me, or to the enemy.

Here is a brief example of the enviroment that I'm trying to create.
  • Alright, so I've manged to get the attacks to actually work in realtime, which is fantastic. Damage is being done to the enemies and they are chasing after me, however I still cannot get a proper animation to be played.

    Any help with regards to that? It's also a little weird, because I assume the animation is being done because I set up the damage to be calculated during a damage zone on an animation.
  • This topic is somehow related to this thread, though I haven´t played with ORK in 2D environment, the answer will depend on getting to know how your animations are set up (mecanim?), meaning letting ORK to be able to find the appropriate animation for your combatant, checking the Battle Settings > Battle Animations in your combatants.
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