I started my project using Mecanim animation system. But I can see, that ORK is much more suited to Legacy system, so I decided to switch to Legacy while I'm not too far in development. To be fair, I've no experience using Legacy, but it seemed pretty straightforward - I switched all my animations to Legacy and my character model rigs to Legacy too. I remade ORK setup according to tutorial and nothing works - my characters still moves only in T pose. I then downloaded Ybot from mixamo, which is Mecanim rigged too. Switched it to legacy, used same animations - and it works perfectly. Ybot and my characters setup is identical, everything is the same, but my characters floats only in T pose, while Ybot is animated. Anybody knows why is that? Or some models simply can not be converted to legacy?
Also, by my models I mean models that I bought, not modeled myself.
  • This is best tool for such task. I highly recommend it

    Animation Converter
  • @RustedGames I actually tried using it too. But what it mainly does, is converting .anim animation files. But all animations that I had tried as in .fbx files(from RPG Mecanim animations pack), so those animations should be converted the same in Unity. And also animation themselves was converted right way, because Ybot character was using them in legacy system ithout problems. Only my custom characters are not working.
    But I will try to look more into Animation converter.
  • Well, I tried quite stupid approach and suddenly everything works in Legacy. What I did is create Empty game object in scene, put my character model with animation component as a child of that object and made a prefab out of that empty object. Then I added the character controller and rigidbody on that prefab(Under empty object), but kept animation component on model. Then I used that prefab in Ork and everything works(except animations that are on that model himself, but since all my animations are separated anyway, this is no problem).

    I have only one question for @gamingislove though - will setup like that work in later stages? Or it can conflict with something, that Ork does, because actual model is a child in the prefab and every Ork component is added on empty object instead?
  • That should work - you can also use the Child As Root setting of the combatant's prefab settings to set a child object as the combatant's actual object instead of the root of the spawned prefab.

    E.g. if you only move a child object around, it's best to to use that child object as the combatant object, otherwise a remembered position will be wrong (since the root stays where it is).
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  • Well, Child as root solutions doesn't work, because it brings all the problems with animations back - some animations doesn't work at all, some starts randomly for some reason. All animations works without problems only when the model is locked in position as a child of object.
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