I simply wish to run the final project to get a feel of how ORK 3 RPG would feel like. The scripts go missing if I start directly. I tried reimporting the Makinom2 -> _Create . But, nothing changes. Can you outline what do you mean by re-importing if its not simply deleting and adding the folders in the recommended sequence.

Please recommend an alternative path if possible.

  • - download the completed project (zip file)
    - unzip the file
    - add the project to your Unity HUB and open it with at least Unity 2020.3
    - right-click on the folder Assets/Gaming Is Love/Makinom 2/ in the project view tab and select Reimport
    - right-click on the folder Assets/Tutorial Assets/_Created/ in the project view tab and select Reimport
    - open the Start Menu scene (Assets/Scenes/)
    - hit play
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  • It worked. Thanks
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