• Why don't you update your ORK 2 to lasted version 2.34.0 to see if that solves your error?
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    Turns out ORK.Game.Variables.Set("MyVar", true); was the cause of this but I'm still trying to figure out why
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  • You most likely access ORK functionality when ORK isn't yet initialized (via a game starter).

    Make sure your scene has a game starter and your custom code isn't used before that (game starter uses Awake function and should usually be called before most other components).
    Also, if you have any ORK/Makinom components in the scene, you can only start playing in that scene if there is a game starter, or those components will also throw errors.
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  • Thanks, that was probably it. I set my code to run a few seconds after the scene has loaded and it works fine.
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