Hey hey, another Queued AI question for you... :)

I have an ability, "Enter Stealth Mode", that applies a Status Condition to the Combatant and reduces their Grid Move Range. What I want is for an AI to be able to use that Ability, and then use a Grid Move Action, in the same turn. So I set up a Battle AI that queues that stealth ability, followed by a Grid Move.

The problem is that the Grid Move Action calculates the move at the time it's added to the Queue, not at the time that it executes. So what happens is that effectively the Grid Move Range change doesn't get applied to the Grid Move until the following turn.

Is there anything I can do about that? Is there any way I can make the Stealth Ability execute before the Grid Move gets added to the action queue, so that the Grid Move takes into account the move range change? Or have the Grid Move update its path after it's added to the queue, but before it executes? Any other ideas how I could get that to work?

Stevan :)
  • Hm, no, not really - queued actions are created with the targets at the time they're queued. So, the grid move uses the path that was found at that time.

    The only way would be to have the stealth action not queue, exiting the battle AI instead.
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  • Okay, thx for the info.

    I've improvised something inside the Grid Move Schematic instead, so that it checks for the Stealth Status Effect there, and then adjusts the Grid Path correspondingly. It's not perfect, but seems to be working well enough for now... :)
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