Hi @gamingislove

I’ve been using Simple for my Battle End Collection that gives me simple line of dialog around exp earned, loot etc.

I’m wanting to do something with value bars and radials etc - combatant portraits etc.

I just changed the setting in Battle End to UI Layout and tested, now the battle does not officially end as nothing shows on screen for the values. I read the documentation but get a bit lost in it as I haven’t had to mess around with this yet.

Do I make a simple UI box or HUD like I have for everything else? And then just add the text codes like normal? Feel like I’m missing the UI setup part in the docs.

When you can and thanks!
  • Make sure to select UI Boxes and UI Layouts in the things you've enabled to display.

    The rest is just defining what to display, similar to the simple loot dialogue, e.g. adding stuff via text codes, adding HUD templates, etc.
    For combatant notifications, it's best to use Combatant type HUDs, for displaying loot (items, currency, etc.) use Tooltip type HUDs as templates.
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  • Ok cool, have it arranged - now I just need help with getting those values to display as a value bar slowly incrementing -

    Like experience gains show the value bar slowly fill to the received amount after battle. Is this this be done with a schematic? Sorry UI is definitely my pain point lol.

    @Scyra or @Acissathar - ever try what I’m looking to do? Thanks all!
  • @theProject I replied on Discord as well, but just so it's down here too, these are my thoughts on it, GiL will probably know the correct process though :)
    I'm not 100% since I haven't done much battle end stuff (keep putting it off while playing with everything else) but I think you'd use a Layout setup and provide HUDs making sure that for the Experience status value under Status you have Count to Value set up. Might need to be a preview HUD but I think that should then count up the value, and you might need to display the HUD before collecting battle gains though too
  • @gamingislove

    @Acissathar was on-point and got me through this one! Works like a charm, how I ever missed count to value is beyond me. I used my menu screen hud bars to test and set the time to 3 seconds and it works! Big thanks!
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