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I looking for an Script to aktivate an Abilitie with a c# script,
i will use the new GUI 4.6 elements and i have define some Buttons in this.

now i will iterate at all useable abilities from this combatant

for (int a=0; a < abbilities.length; a++)
.......init the Buttons , Icons and tool tip, cast time !!!!

and in the next i will activate the abbilities with a script function.

my Project target is an Action rpg Setting !

i hope you understand my questions and some one can help me.

please help
thank you

  • hi,

    mmh ok no Response,

    no idea?

    i Need a liitle bit help.

    i create a button with UGui 4.6 , how can i write a code that "start" a abillity

    and how can a write a Iteration the abbilities!?

    i will create my costum gui Interface out of box.

    thank you
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    First, you'll need to get the combatant your abilities will come from - this how-to will tell you how.

    Once you have the combatant, you can get the abilities, e.g. this code gets a list of all abilities that can be used in battle:

    List<AbilityShortcut> abilities = combatant.Abilities.GetAbilities(UseableIn.Battle);

    The AbilityShortcut class contains all information on the ability and has functions to let you use it.

    Alternatively, you can also use the built-in shortcut slot system to do this, using a Combatant type HUD with a Shorcut HUD element added to display them.
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