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first of all I want to say thanks for this great product! I'm making a game that is pretty far removed from ORK's intended use, so I have many questions re: feasibility and how to's - should I open a new thread in the appropriate section (support / scripting) for every new one or would you prefer to have a containment thread?

Disclaimer: I haven't done the Game Tutorial on menus yet, because I'm not sure if I should even use those. I'm fairly new to scripting in general but I've already prototyped a menu system similar to what I need in unity (new UI).

The game will rely heavily on menus, which will handle stuff the ORK menus don't seem to be intended for (one example is constructing / upgrading buildings). Would it be wiser to make my own menu system within unity and just take parts of ORK's menu where it makes sense (equip combatants etc) or do the opposite approach and use it for everything? Can I even attach .cs scripts to menu elements like buttons and use unity's Text component to display stuff and so on?
  • Well, it kinda depends on the complexity of the menus you want to create.
    E.g. you can create simple menus using the event system and choice dialogues and do various things upon the user's selections.

    The menu screens are only for supporting built-in stuff like abilities, items, equipment, etc.
    You can use the Button List menu part in a menu screen to call Global Events (which are game events) and start building a custom menu from there (or directly call a global event with an input key).
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