• Hi gil, I have one small request for possible improvement of Status Effects :-)

    Would it be possible to add conditions for "Spawn Prefabs" function in Status Effect?

    The Goal - my game is from 1st-person view so I don't want the particles of Status Effect to be used on player and player group. To achieve this, I have to make duplicates of most status effects, one for creatures (with for example particle of fire on their limbs with Burning effect or dripping oil with Oiled effect) and one for player group (no effects). It could be also used to have option to use different Status Effect's prefabs for some unique creatures (small ones, huge boss etc.) just using conditions directly in Status Effect.

  • @gamingislove Would it be (or is it) possible for Crafting Recipe layouts to use HUDs? So far I think they are the only area that does not seem to allow for HUDs in displaying the information, and we miss out some powerful display functionality because of that.
  • As far as I can tell, there is no way to set a status effect to be used on Phase Start or Phase End when using a phase battle system. Turn Start doesn't work if the combatant doesn't take a turn, and Battle Turn Start just runs at the start of the turn for both factions. Basically, there's no simple way of triggering status effects at the start of the second faction's turn.

    @gamingislove We would be very grateful if you could add Phase Start and Phase End to the Use On Settings of status effects so status effects could specifically trigger on the combatant's faction's phase. Maybe there's even some other way to make when status effects trigger even more customizable, but I'm not sure what. Maybe tie it to a global bool, game state, etc. Just throwing that out there. At the very least, Phase Start and Phase End would be great to have.
  • @Acissathar
    HUD support in crafting recipe layouts is coming in the next update.

    I'll look into that - currently you can only use phase start/end schematics for that.
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  • @gamingislove I really appreciate it!
  • For Combatants, Status Settings > Status Bonuses:
    Status bonuses show up on the Context Information (Right side index in Makinom editor). However, Custom Status Bonuses do not show up on the right side index.

    Could the Custom Status Bonuses also show up on the right index?
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    Hello GiL,

    I would like a way to hookup a "Status Value" with a formula to a "battle range template" of a "grid shape". Instead of the flat number that is now used in the "Range (Cells)". Similar to how you can make a formula to calculate your health.

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