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Gaming Is Love and I have been discussing the implementation of a grid-based battle system à la Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Disgaea. We both believe it would be an amazing addition to the Ork Framework; however, much work is going into this, thus, he is going to require the support in order to make the addition. As the representative, I am proposing a Group Buy Proposal to all ORK users. I cannot discuss the amount publicly, but it would be helpful if as much as people pitched in as possible! Obviously, the more people that pitch, the cheaper it will be for us altogether. Down below are the details of the feature:
- new grid settings will be added to the editor (probably in the battle settings), e.g. cell size, grid type (square, hexagon), prefabs, etc.
- each grid cell is displayed through a spawned prefab, you can define different prefabs for different things like moveable cells (when using the move command), blocked cells, ability affect ranges, etc.
- the grid is set up in the scene, i.e. a new component to define the starting point of the grid and it's size > creating the grid on a button click
- after creating the grid, you can change the individual cells, e.g. set a cell to be blocked or act as a trap (using abilities when stepping on it) in the scene

Move Command
- naturally, a command to move the combatant on the grid :)
- abilities can be used before and after the move command
- combatants get a new move range value (e.g. using a formula) and there are move range bonuses in the bonus settings
- selecting the move command highlights the moveable cells on the grid (using the defined prefab)
- the move target on the grid can be selected through click/touch on a cell and through input keys (i.e. selecting a cell through a cursor with horizontal/vertical keys)
- battle AI integration of the move command

Turn End Orientation
- optionally possible to select the orientation of a combatant after its turn
- player controlled combatants can select the orientation (e.g. click/touch or input keys)
- AI controlled combatants will turn to a target based on their AI settings (e.g. nearest target, last target, etc.)

Grid Highlighting
- what you named Telegraph System
- move command > cells the combatant can move to will be highlighted on the grid
- ability/item > use range will be highlighted on the grid
- ability/item target selections > show affect ranges of abilities on the grid
- new sub-section to define grid shapes, which can be used by abilities/items to determine which fields around a target will be affected

You can message my inbox if you are interested. It might take some time to gather as much patrons as possible, but it will be worth it.
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