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I'm working on some AI where NPCs search for items. I can store the name of an item in a string game variable, but there is no way to pass it to an event's Actors or the Search Objects Step. Both require a string to be manually entered into the Search Name field.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to pass a string? I ask because I don't want to create 100+ Events for 100+ items, when a single event would do the job.
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  • I did some coding and solved this problem for my use case. I have a script that searches for the nearest item and passes the Position back as a Vector3. Since the Change Nav Mesh Target step accepts a Vector3 Game Variable, this works fine.

    Still there are other issues I can see with manually entering these values. Being able to reuse scripts for many different Actors and Shared Objects would probably be a benefit to ORK users.
  • ORK's event system may be very useful, but isn't suited for every use case - you can use Makinom to create systems like that.
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  • Good point. I'll add Makinom to my project and try using that for some of my AI.
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    Oh, yeah. Makinom seems easier to use for situations like this. It is much more versatile than the ORK scripting system.

    I'll mark this solved in the sense that users interested in more advanced AI should be using Makinom.
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