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This is really a general question. In the rare occurrence, one of my combatants will spawn below the floor. This only happens on occasion mind you, but once is too often. What can I check to ensure that this doesn't happen?

I've got my battle scenes set up in the following way: Using 'place on ground' in the spawner actually caused this problem to happen MORE often, so that's unchecked. What I have done to place my characters is to move them 0.1 in world space after being spawned, exceptionally quickly, which would automatically, and more reliably, help them to find the floor.

So... tips? Tricks? Thank you in advance!
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  • If you're fighting in a different scene (using load scene in the start/end events), make sure your spawn point doesn't use Place on Ground.

    What can also help is to set your battle position's higher.
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  • Ah yes! Battle spots. Thanks dude. That makes sense - especially for uneven ground!
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