I discovered Ork framework and haven't been able to hold my excitement ( been through 30 tutorials in 3 days). I was wondering, why do I need Makinom if I use Ork? Can someone give concrete examples of what it can do that Ork can't? Not that I didn't read the description, I read it and I still don't understand exactly what it does. Is it a visual scripting tool like Play Maker?

  • You don't need Makinom to use ORK. However, you can use them together to do more advanced things that you'd not be able to do with ORK alone.

    Makinom is a general game development tool, built around a more advanced version of ORK's event system. It does a similar job as playmaker, but uses a different approach.
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    Had this question myself, and didn't have time to test makinom yet. Would it be possible to integrate networking features with makinom on our ORK project? I was planning to use playmaker with gamekakka's ork-playmaker plugin, but it seems that he stopped supporting it both this and ork-behavior design (2 more assets down the drain.)
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  • I see, thanks for the answer!
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