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Hello .
GIL Thank you . Combat system of the dream is becoming completed Thanks !

I have encountered a problem you do not know also .

I have tested RealTimeBattle of Random Battle in Tutorial Demo.
Remove all battle Spot objects and Spawner in 2 Fields Scenes - >
Added " Random Battle Area " from the Scene Wizard ->
To Play. It is to battle with enemies in this state - >
Back to 1 Town scene during the Battle - >

-> Brown Pants has been left in a combat state . Battle can not start again , returning to 2 Fields scene as ( ? ? ? )
If you issue a one-time Base Attack, Action will no longer be able to do anything after that !

As Battle Start / End / Defeat / Escape Event of the tutorial is empty .
What Event or will be called when you return to Town remains Battle ?
Were tested terrible I think that there is a need I'm going to define the BattleEnd event , but I was not able to solve .
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