I'm working on a game that uses projectiles for a lot of attacks and I've run into an issue. If an enemy shoots a projectile as an attack, then dies while the projectile is active and the player comes into contact with the projectile, it deals no damage. I have the damage dealers setup properly and as long as the enemy is alive everything works fine. I'ts just if the player comes into contact with the projectile of a dead enemy he doesn't take any damage. I looked through the options for the ability and for the battle system and I couldn't find anything to fix this issue. Is there a setting or option that will enable the player to take damage from attacks made by dead enemies? Thanks in advance.
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    Yeah ... the dead don't cause damage, that's how the system currently works (not just with damage dealers).
    I'll look into it, maybe add an option to allow dead combatants to also deal damage.

    Edit: I'll add a setting to abilities and items to allow action calculations when the user is dead.
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  • Awsome, you're the best! That setting will totally solve the problem I'm having.
  • I'm totally for this could bring a lot of things like enemies that explodes and deal damage when they die :)
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