Hey everyone - I'm currently looking into replacing the current forum software (which is Vanilla Forum, in case you ever wondered :D) into something more modern to add functionality like badges or similar stuff (without me having to waste too much time to implement it myself).

So far my investigations came up with Discourse, but I'm also open for other suggestions. Naturally, being able to transfer over the existing posts and users is a priority, and the whole undertaking is still just theoretical so far ...

What's your stance on this - would you just want to keep the current forum or are you fine with a change? Also, what would you like to have available in a new forum?
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  • I believe the current forum is very clean and for the traffic we have here is just fine. I was searching for my forum too and ended up with a shitty WordPress (bbPress) one for fast implementation but with my research, I see that everyone nowadays go for phpBB and vBulletin. Still I believe we have a fine and clean forum here :)
  • Im happy with the current setup! It is simple and easy to use. I would suggest making it more present on the main site in the hopes of growing the community. Although if the new software emulates the look and feel of the the current forum I'd be happy with the upgrade.
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  • Like the others, I'm actually pretty happy with the visibility and performance of this forum already, but if you're looking to add more bells and whistles; I probably wouldn't mind a change too much.
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  • Bump!
    I think you should only do this when Makinom 2 and ORK 3 is finally released.
  • Same comment as @Night :)
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