Hello, trying to implement an "Active Block" in a turn based battle system. Pretty much identical to the Paper Mario method, player presses A right before you receive damage to add a certain amount of defense. Control of this feature is blocked until the start of an enemy attack. What step of the attack would be best to implement that? Any tips on implementing this feature is hugely appreciated
  • Id work something like that into the enemies attack event via a "wait for input" node
  • Sorry I'm pretty new, can you elaborate on this a bit? I imagine this working as a unique active ability for a player combatant that operates outside of the turn based system, and is usable during enemy actions. Defense is raised during certain frames (ie when the block animation is active). Is there a way I could tie that to player actions or have enemy attacks check the combatant for a certain variable? Any help is really appreciated! Thank you :)
  • So the turn based system is pretty strict on who can and cant have actions at 1 time. So lets say the enemy plays an animation and then deals damage.

    Id put a "wait for input" node to test and see if the player is pressing the block button. you could set a quick timer with some sort of visual prompt (show image node or something) you can go a bit further and place a wait for input right before and right after to set up a failure state for being early or late.

    Id handle the damage being tied to a defense value in a formula that the enemy ability uses for its damage calculation. Then waiting till the end of the attack to deal damage to check if the player blocked or not.

    The attack event could give the "target" (player) a status effect that temporarily boosts defense that the formula checks for.
  • Thank you for a ton of great info!
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