I'd like to set up a level up event that forces level up at the end of battle once an experience threshold has been reached. The event would give the option to increase the max of one of three consumable stats. How would I go about setting up this choice?
  • You can add a Status Value and name is Attribute Points, initial value would be 0. When i player levels up, you can add 1 to Attribute Points.

    In Status Developments, you can scroll down to see "Upgrade Settings" Add learn costs to all upgradable status values, e.g., STR, DEF and MAG. In each, set Cost Type as "Experience" and status value as the newly created "Attribute Points", Set Cost Value as 1.

    So now after level up you have 1 Attribute Point, you can now create menus to allow user to upgrade status. once you have used the point on one status you can no longer upgrade teh others since you have no more points left.
  • If you set an Experience type status value to None experience type, how you use that exp is up to you and doesn't trigger any automatic level up. So, you can check it in your battle end event and proceed as needed.

    Increasing a stat based on the player's choice can be done using a Status Value Distribution menu screen or a simple choice dialogue (and increasing the stat afterward).

    Also, instead of manually checking the exp, you could use a level up event that handles the stat distribution. The default event is defined in Battle System > Battle Settings > Level Up Settings.
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