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So I'm trying to set up a specific GUIbox where 4 buttons are position on each side of the screen so the player can rotate in that direction. However I also want the player to be able to click on items in the scene too.
So it's a guibox as big as the screen with 4 position-based buttons.

the problem is that the game always autoselects the first option so any click will accept that option and rotate.
I've turned off all the options I thought were related to auto-selecting, so I'm not sure what else to do.

Edit : Just to confirm, even a small guibox auto-selects the first option. So I'd like to find a way to require the mouse hover over top of the button first.
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  • Yes, ORK will automatically select a choice (usually the first one, unless it's in a menu screen that remembers previous selections).

    Instead of using a choice dialogue (or menu) for this, have you considered using a HUD? Information and Combatant type HUDs can use Click Actions to start global events when clicking on a HUD element.
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