In the game I'm working on, you control a fairly standard RPG party of characters. After performing enough successful attacks, the "charged" status is automatically applied to a player character. The "charged" status boosts the character's attack until they attack twice, are damaged, or consume the status effect to fuel a special ability.

I'm trying to incorporate a combo system, where two characters who have the "charged" status effect gain access to additional special attacks that can consume the status effect from multiple characters. When performed, the combo attack should end the turn of all player characters involved in the combo and consume the "charged" status effect from them.

Any idea how I would set up abilities like this?
  • I assume you already have the charged status effect implemented?

    The special attacks being available could either be handled via temporary abilities using an Add Temporary Ability node. You can do that either at the same time you add the charged effect, or use the status effect's game event settings to add and remove the abilities when the effect is applied/removed.

    Alternatively, the combatant could just know the ability, but have the charged effect as a use requirement.

    Using the charged effect of multiple combatants can be done in the battle events via selected data. Use a Select Combatant node with Use All Combatants enabled using Battle combatant scope and the battle event's user (actor). That'll have all combatants of the user's battle group as selected data and you can remove the charged effect via a Change Status Effect node form them (Selected Data object instead of actor).
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  • Perfect!

    And yes, already have the Charged Status implemented. Thank you! :)
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