As as workaround I'm scraping the ORK UI to build my custom one but it's pretty janky. i.e.:


I feel like it should be something similar to ORK.BattleEnd.CollectGains();

  • You can actually implement your custom handling and have it available via the Battle System > Battle End loot dialogues.

    Create a class extending from BaseLootDialogueSettings to have it available.
    E.g. check out the SimpleLootDialogueSettings class in the ORK source code (in folder Gameplay/GUI/Battle/BattleEnd/Simple/), you can see how all the gains information is collected and use that to do whatever you want. It also shows how to let the event know to continue at the end of the loot collection.
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  • Awesome, thank you! I'll give it a whirl.
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