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Heys quick question,

following the tutorial for "classes, revisiting...." regarding base attacks, it says to add all the attacks for cause those can be used for combos//// well my character will have base moves and the potential to earn new moved as a melee character? do i still all all 35 moves to base attacks to be able to do combos or can i add on the beginning 6 and add the others as learning abilities with the potential to still make combos?
  • Well, there are two types of combos:
    - the base attack combos, where the combatant cycles through all of its base attacks
    - ability combos, where you can use use requirements to limit abilities to be used after other abilities
    Both can be used in combination with control maps :)

    Base attacks will be there from the start, i.e. wont be learned - but you could prevent them from being used by adding use requirements, e.g. check for a learned ability and learn the same ability used for the base attack as an ability.
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