Is there a way to obtain a combatant's list of active abilities and the information for each ability (specifically the level)?
  • Hi @ChimpLogik,
    Something like this might help

    private void Start()
    Combatant combatant = GamingIsLove.ORKFramework.ORKComponentHelper.GetCombatant(gameObject);
    if (combatant != null && combatant.Abilities.HasAbilities)
    CombatantSetting combatantSetting = combatant.Setting;
    LearnAbility[] abilitiesLearnt = combatantSetting.abilityDevelopment.atLevel;
    foreach(LearnAbility learnAbility in abilitiesLearnt)
    AbilityShortcut ability = learnAbility.ability.GetAbility(combatant);
    Debug.Log($"Ability: {ability.GetName()} level {ability.GetLevel()}");

  • Worked like a charm! Thank you Nicholas :)
  • @ChimpLogik
    That wasn't me :D
    Also, that code will get the abilities from the combatant's settings, not the current list of abilities the combatant has.

    To get the combatant's current abilities:
    List<AbilityShortcut> abilities = combatant.Abilities.GetAbilities(UseableIn.Field, IncludeCheckType.Yes, false)
    This'll get all active abilities that are useable in the field, or use UseableIn.Battle for battle abilities, or UseableIn.Both for abilities that are available in both battle and field.
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  • Whoops, my bad :)
    Thank you @RustedGames and thank you Nicholas!
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