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Hello @gamingislove what's the best way to display a editable list of strings in the Editor?
The purpose is to have a list of scenes that the Loading Screen could skip, example, when going from Field to a Battle Scene, when exiting the game to the Main menu, I don't want the loading screen to take over, but standard Unity Scene Load.
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  • [EditorFoldout("Scenes to Skip LoadinScreen", "The name of the scenes the loading Screen will skip.", "",
    "Scenes to Skip", "E.g. When loading Battle Scenes or Exiting to Main Menu.", "")]
    [EditorArray("Add Scene Name", "Adds a scene name.", "",
    "Remove", "Removes this scene name.", "", isMove = true, isCopy = true,
    foldout = true, foldoutText = new string[] {
    "Scene Name", "Define the scene name that will be used.", ""
    public StringValue<GameObjectSelection>[] ScenesToSkip = new StringValue<GameObjectSelection>[0];

    Please let me know if there's a better way ;)
  • Pretty much like that, yeah :)

    The EditorArray attribute is the most important one for arrays, it defines if the array can be changed (add/remove), etc.
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