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Hi again,

I've got a few questions about the Turn Order, and then 2 things that appear to be bugs with regards to the UI as well.

My first question, is that sometimes the turn order HUD appears to be out of sync with "Add Selecting Combatant" checked. For example, it is currently the brown haired character's turn, and while everything seems to fit that correctly (battle menu, animations, damage, etc.) her portrait is actually at the end of the list:


This doesn't seem to be consistent, only sometimes happening and I'm not exactly sure what might be responsible yet. Is there something you know of that I might be missed that could cause it to be shifted? It seems to only occur with fast enemies who get multiple turns in, so maybe it's something like the tick overlapping?

My second question, are we able to set how far into the future the turn order shows? From what it looks like, it just shows 1 turn per combatant, so in my case, up to 4 barring situations where a character gets multiple turns in quick succession from ticks, which causes them to immediately jump in (which also seems to be realted to the first question).

First possible bug, when going between the Group options, the entire box will flicker:

Second one, is that in the change member group, if you remove 2 members, the back button will be replaced with the Empty sprite instead:

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  • I had some bugs with my turn order display that were due to tweening schematics. You can try disabling those and UI Layouts > Move Settings and see if that fixes it.

    For turn order HUDs to show future turns I think you need Battle System > Turn Based > Battle Mode to be set to Multi Turns, and you need UI > HUDs > Turn Order > Turn Order Settings > Limit List Length.

    I don't know what's going on with the menus, but this is what the flickering frame actually shows:
  • @Scyra Removing the move command and the movement schematics from the HUD element itself seem to have resolved this issue. That turn order list limit is exactly what I was thinking of too, not sure how I missed it.

    That screenshot makes me wonder if maybe there's something going on with the sprite size, and/or not having a specifically defined button size that's causing a refresh to start with the small button before expanding to the right size. It gives me something to play around with and test though.

    Thank you for the pointers!
  • 1) I'd need more infos on your battle system and HUD setup to check the HUD issue out.

    2) Using Multi Turns, the turn order HUD will show as many entries in the list as it needs to show each combatant at least once.
    You can use the Limit List Length option to define how large the list should be, in which case the list is filled until that number is reached.

    3) Hm, looks a bit like the button's layouting taking a frame to adjust to the content.
    Can you give me more details on the button or HUD template you're using here?
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  • I've sent you a stripped copy of the project as a PM since that seemed better for giving all the info.

    1) I restored the schematics and move command in the layout (removing both fixes the first issue for what its worth). This doesn't always happen immediately, generally it seems to occur after a few turns have passed but you'll eventually notice that next in line is the monster while the anime portrait that's highlighted is at the end.

    2) Works perfectly and exactly what I was after!

    3) This one is pretty easy to replicate, just pull up the menu and go to group management and just start scrolling. For my game I don't actually plan on allowing for straight removal, so that's actually been changed to sort in this repo, but just switching it back should allow for the error with the back button disappearing to occur.
  • Alright checked the project:

    1) Yep, that's a bug and will be fixed in the next update.

    3) As I thought, it's due to the button's layout setup.
    To fix the setup, make the following changes:
    - remove the Layout Element component (or disable the preferred height and use the min height instead)
    - in the Horizontal Layout Group enable Control Child Size > Height

    Unity's layouting system can sometimes be a bit trial and error to achieve what you need :)
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
    If you're enjoying my products, updates and support, please consider supporting me on patreon.com!
  • @gamingislove I appreciate you checking it out, and I will go ahead with those changes too. Thanks again!
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