Hi, I seem to be having an issue displaying quest portrait images within our info box of the Quest Menu.

- Here is the Quest Info Box Settings

- The Quest Settings

- The UI Box

- The Portrait

- The info box during gameplay

I was also wondering if it is possible to have a button for each character in your party that you can press to easily switch the currently controlled player. Similar to Genshin Impact

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    Setup looks correct - did a quick test and works fine on my end.
    Check the UI box instance in-game while the quest info is displayed. Maybe one of the parent game objects is disabled or something else is in front of the portrait's image.

    As for switching to specific members of the group via input keys - that's a job for global machines (Base/Control > Global Machines. You can e.g. start a global machine via an input key and have it's schematic handle the switch to that specific member index.

    Via UI (e.g. in HUDs), you can switch the player using a HUD Click component using a Change Player action. That'll switch the player to the combatant displayed by the HUD.
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