I installed footstepper and I followed the tutorial + downloaded the demo to check if everything was OK but no way to make the footsteps work without auto play checked (which gives a sound not very synchronized with the steps)
So I have a few questions:

-is configuring sprites in the texture terrain essential?
I have nothing but textures and gameobject on the testing ground.

- I put a single footstepp sound in the footstepp material section walk (because apparently it takes it for running and sprinting if left empty), is this a problem?

-Finally concerning the sound, why does it only launch in auto play?
  • Did you set up playing the footsteps?
    When not using auto play, you'll usually use animation events to play them.

    No, sprites don't need to be configured for terrains, as they only use textures.
    Sprites are mainly used for 2D games, e.g. in a tilemap or other level architecture.

    No, using a single sound isn't a problem.
    Just make sure that you don't have any 'empty' fields (i.e. remove the not needed fields via the Size of the array). Otherwise that'd just play nothing :)

    Sound only playing in auto play is most likely due to not setting up any other way to play footsteps (or not setting it up correctly). I'd need to know more about your setup to help there :)
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