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Hello, still following the various tutorials and things are going great. The last thing I prototyped was grabbing items and I found myself with a question; is it possible to rig it so that the "You found x item" is AFTER the accompanying animation? As in, the player (and from the point of view of the character) opens the item box, and THEN discovers what item it is?

I can make it work as it is, but just wondering if that's possible!

EDIT: In general, how easy is it to attach animations to the whole process, i.e., the treasure box opening or an item bag fading away after it's picked up?
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  • The general item collection settings (in Inventory > Inventory Settings) have separate settings for before and after the collection. For anything more complex, you can use schematics on the item collectors to do whatever you want :)
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  • Perfect! Thank you!
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