Hi GiL,

I've been experimenting with creating some custom nodes, and functionally they are so far working great. Using the source code nodes as an example has gotten me to pretty much get the results I'm after.

However, now that it's working, I'd like to clean it up visually a bit but that's currently where I'm running into an issue. Is there a way to expand the width of the node fields and details to show the entire text or is it hard capped?

For example, I'd like to expand the details a bit to account for the word "Keyboard" and the same with one of my fields:

  • No, the node size can't be changed, unless you change that in the node editor's source code. However, hovering the cursor over that part of the node will show the complete info text as a tooltip :)

    As for the fields, that's the standard Unity field label length, not sure if that can be changed anywhere ...
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  • @gamingislove That's what I was starting to figure, but no worries definitely don't think a few letters is worth that much effort when the tooltip hover will suffice haha

    I think since one of the overrides takes a GUIContent you might be able to do something with that, but honestly it's so minor especially when I realized I can just not be fancy and use "Add" over "Consolidate" and it'll all fit on one line that I'll just shelve it for another day.

    Appreciate it!
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