So I really love Ork, but one of the issues I've had the most is that if you're going for a third-person, real-time battle-type game, then you have to have a good character controller.

While Ork has a built-in one, it's even been said that it's not fully featured. Which is fine, because Ork Framework does so much as an RPG framework. However, I think the problem is that while you've made it fairly easy on the surface with the Custom Player/Camera Controls, there are very few character controllers out there that do *just* that with no need for further integration.

I personally have spent the entirety of 2022 experimenting with different character controllers in Ork, trying to find one that works the best with the least amount of whacky custom stuff on my part. However, in every single one, there's been needed some kind of modification and such to work with Ork.

I know you're busy @gamingislove but I think if you could do an official integration of at least just one character controller that would go a long way. I've had a lot of people message me about this stuff as they've seen me trying to combine various things like Animal Controller, Ability Combat Toolkit, and Game Kit Controller to Ork Framework on Discord. There are always little things that need custom to Ork, and it's hard sometimes trying to figure out what those things can be.

And honestly, I've been trying to get other asset devs to help out, but the ones who have checked out Ork have instantly been like "Ork is too complex, not gonna try". If we had at least one official integration, some people could use that, and some people could use it as an actual example of how to do their own integration.

Cause some stuff like Animal Controller works, but also doesn't. For example, Animations/Custom Settings don't work for Animal Controller, no matter the combination of function and parameters used. If you want to play AC animations you can only do so via the Call Function node in a schematic. The same method will work there, but not via the Animation templates. And I have no idea why. Then there's always the elephant in the room which is how to pass health/damage between the controller and Ork. I have a couple of janky bridges I wrote, but I just really wish I had some official stuff to go off on.

Possible Candidates:
-Animal Controller
-Game Kit Controller
-Eadon Controller
-Physics-Based Character
-Character Controller Super (Free)
-Kinematic Character Controller (Free)
-Character Movement Fundamentals
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  • I couldn’t agree more.
    There’s a lot of people that have attempted that this year, however there’s always inevitably a roadblock.
    Having at least one official integration would be incredibly helpful, particularly coming into the new year :)
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    GKC is adding online multiplayer and VR to their character controller, so this could be a way to bring these into ork.

    RustedGames is working on a series for GKC, but he has said it's a lot of work arounds for the foundations for the integration and it's not a full integration unless one of the developers was to help.

    It would be great to have integration
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  • Will look into that next year.
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    gamingislove said: Will look into that next year.
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    Currently making: Real-Time Diablo-like ARPG
  • Super excited to see what GiL comes up with!
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