Hello all,
I downloaded the free version today to try to see if I can use it for quick prototyping but I was quickly overwhelmed by the myriad features. Is there a way that I can just create a turn-based fight quickly where I swap the models and then I can slowly start setting the stats etc, maybe in a backwards manner?
  • I'd recommend this tutorial, it will walk you through everything and how it connects: https://orkframework.com/guide/tutorials/3d-rpg-playground/start-3d-rpg-playground/

    You can also go to that page and just download the completed project if you just want to run through it and then reference the tutorial pages above for things you can tweak.
  • Using one of the finished tutorial projects (they're always available for download on their START page) and swapping/changing things is probably the easiest way to do this.

    Otherwise, when starting from a new project, you'll need:
    - at least 1 combatant set up (prefab, status values), that can be used as player and enemy
    - 1 ability set up to deal damage (e.g. base attack for all combatants)
    - UI system setup (so you can use a battle menu)
    - battle menu set up
    - a bit of scene setup to have a battle to fight
    A fresh project comes already with a working status system and battle systems set up (defaults to using Turn Based).

    For more, you'd need to set up schematics to animate your actions, add items, more abilities, equipment, etc.
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