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I would like to create a classic turn order slider. Where the order of actions is shown not one turn, but several, how many places there are in HUD.
But surprisingly, I did not find any documentation, or just customizable buttons to make this (It looks like a very simple feature)
So, does anyone have any ideas how to implement this?

Also, the second option. Using the Add Selected Combatants and Add Finished Combatants buttons, I can create a static HUD with an arrow showing whose turn it is. But if you do this, I would like to visually notice those whose turn has already passed. So how do I somehow change the elements of HUD whose turn has already passed, or has not yet passed?

On the basis of 3d rpg playground I make changes. I created a HUD to display the health of the enemy, but instead of a number, I only get "???". As I understand it, in the process of the tutorial, we ticked somewhere that the status of the enemy values are hidden. But I can't find where it is
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  • There's currently no HUD to list battle actions that are registered with the system, though that sounds like an interesting idea - I'll put it on my list :)

    For visual changes based on if the combatant already finished a turn or not, there are 2 ways to do it:

    1) You can use HUD Condition components on your HUD prefab to enable/disable game objects based on conditions to show different content

    2) You can use conditional schematics in your HUD's schematic settings to have the HUD scale/fade/etc. via schematics based on conditions. Here's an example tutorial that scales up a HUD in a timebar HUD when it's the combatant's turn.

    Both would check for Combatant Status, checking the Turn State of the combatant.

    As for the "???" - they come from the bestiary feature, i.e. the player not knowing about the combatant's stats. The bestiary is set up in Game > Game Settings > ORK Game Settings > Bestiary Settings, e.g. either disable the bestiary completely, or set the status information to be learned on Encounter.
    Also, your HUD elements that use bestiary information have an option to Ignore Bestiary, i.e. show the information in any case.
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