I am trying to alter the turn based battle system to play similar to the Mario and Luigi games. The main thing I need to do is instead of attacks happening when you press them, you instead have to time an attack to deal more damage. Does Ork have anything like this built in? If not, how would I go about adding it into the battle system?
  • The most straightforward way to do it is in your schematic for your Battle Event, specifically a Wait for Input node and then branch off of that depending on if the player made the input in time or not.

    Depending on how your damage formula is set up, you can then set a status value / variable / temporary status effect to influence the Calculate Action node (or use a different Calculate Action node with a different Damage Factor setting), that part all depends on what exactly you want a successful press to do.
  • Yeah, pretty much that - whatever you want to happen is usually set up in the schematics animating your actions. I can go into more details if you can post more information on what should happen :)
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  • Okay I think I mostly get what I am supposed to do. I am going to try it when i get home, but this is a video of what I am trying to replicate with ORK

    The basic idea is that you select an attack and an animation will play. Depending on the attack selected, the timing will be different but there should be 3ish different possible results. If you time it close to perfectly, you get the max damage. If you are kinda close, you deal some damage, but if you miss the timing entirely, you deal no damage
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