I am trying to play an attack animation during an attack in turn based combat. For some reason, instead of playing the animation, it only displays the first frame of the animation, finishes the attack, and moves onto the next party member. If there any reason this might be happening? I built my characters off the Combatant Base from the Top Down 2D tutorial so I am not sure if there might be a setting from there that is causing this to happen
  • If the animation node is waiting for the animation to finish, it's most likely due to the animation time not being known.
    Mecanim animations don't automatically report their duration, so you need to set up their duration via the Duration Type settings of the Mecanim animation setup in ORK (Base/Control > Animations). The time can either be defined via a fixed time or by finding the duration via the animation clip name (ideally if the clip name and the name of the state match, otherwise you have to define it separately).

    The top down 2D tutorials play it a bit differently, though. Since the attack is just one frame in that setup, it stays on that animation and controls playing or not playing it via a parameter being set. So it plays and stops the attack animation in the schematic.
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