I am starting to make shops for my game, but for some reason whenever I select an item to buy, it throws an error of "Trying to create a UI box without a selected UI box." I assume a menu is supposed to appear when buying an item, but I cannot find where I am supposed to select a UI box for this. I checked in both UI Shop Layout and the specific shop settings and don't see what I am supposed to do. Am I just missing it or is the option in a different menu?
  • I think it might be the Quantity Selection box where after selecting an item, you can/should be prompted to select how many of that item.
  • Yeah, most likely the quantity selection that's set up in UI > Quantity Selections.

    If you don't want that, you can also change the shop layout's buy/sell quantity settings to e.g. One to always buy or sell 1 item at a time.
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