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Just curious it their a special setting that I am missing for the land animation?
all of my animations are working well but for some reason the land animation is not playing.
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  • Shouldn't be anything special - but mecanim can be tricky :)
    An example for mecanim can be found in this gameplay tutorial, but there are multiple ways to set up mecanim with ORK.

    One thing that could be a problem is if landing isn't recognized - what type of movement are you using, e.g. a character controller?
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  • I am having the same issue been trying everything to figure this out, i have jump and fall working but land isnt being recognized

    I am using a character controller.
  • just run a check after your jump to see if you are on the terrain. set the terrain with a tag or something. an just call the land animation with a trigger.
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