I'm trying to recreate a Pokemon-style fighting system using modifiers for strengths and weaknesses. The modifiers are set up on the combatants and I've been trying to recreate the formulas to match the Pokemon damage system.

There's two formulas, I'm working on.
One that takes into account the accuracy of the specific ability divided by the opponent's evasion and if there's any modifier to enhance/decrease accuracy.

The other one is the damage formula. Which takes into account the power of the ability.

My question is whether there is a way of adjusting the power and accuracy of abilities and then using that data in formulas.

  • In case you're using the built-in attack/defence modifiers, they're automatically used based on the modifier attributes of the action and combatant.

    If you're using custom modifiers, e.g. status values or variables, that needs to be set up in your formulas. E.g. if your ability has an accurcy variable (see ability variables), you can get that in formulas via the Selected Data variable origin and action data key (the ability the formula is calculating for is always stored in that, also in schematics of the ability).
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  • Got it, thanks. I'm using the built-in.
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