When I use Rewired in Ork 3 with the Rewired Standalone Input Module active, the input overlaps with Ork and I get behavior like Int/float sliders moving multiple values with one horizontal button press. I can't disable the Input Module since I need it for controller support, mouse input, and non-ork menu control, but I don't see a way to correct the overlapping input I get from Ork and Rewired running together.
  • @Dre788 You can specify the prefab for the Event System and use the Rewired one (and none of my scenes have a normal Unity Event System in them). This is how I have setup in my project and haven't run into duplicated inputs:


  • Yeah, that's how I have it set up as well. Have you tried testing a Int/float slider with the node Value Option Dialogue to see if you get multiple input feedback when you change the value? The overlapping here is my only real problem. (fyi, I have the Value Change set to 1 so I know that's not the problem, this problem seems to effect all my int/float sliders)
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    Excuse my awful visual implementation, but yeah it's just giving me single inputs (using Gamepad or Keyboard keys):


    Granted in this project (ORK 3.16.1 fwiw) I haven't really used the input sliders so they're just the default tutorial versions thrown into a generic schematic so not sure if maybe there's some setting I have set/not set.

    Edit: Could it maybe be your Rewired sensitivity, and that it's maybe counting one press/push as multiple?
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    Okay, after a gazillion test I've determine the problem. So I have two sets of "Elements" for the directional keys in Rewired. One is for the default controls and the other is a break down of the directions for an exploring portion of the game. Unfortunately, Rewired registers both sets of input which gives me the behavior on my sliders.

    The logical conclusion would be to get rid of my second set of directional keys but I can't get the Axis inputs to function correctly in Ork when I want to isolate the direction. (Up, Down, etc.) When I use a Interactive Machine the only key press inputs I get back are the positives ones.

    That's where I'm at so far.

    Edit: Nope I was wrong, changing the second set of inputs didn't solve anything.

    Do you have the Horizontal and Vertical Actions set the same in both the Input Module and Ork Input Keys?
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  • @Dre788 So the short version is that I have keys defined twice for different usages. For example, I use "Horizontal Menu" and "Vertical Menu" input keys/actions for UI, and a "Horizontal Move" and "Vertical Move" input key/action for movement. At the moment these are currently the same keys, but can be blocked /re-mapped separately.

    This is how I have mine setup, hopefully it helps:

    Standalone Input prefab:

    ORK Input keys:

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    Ok, so my problem was I was using the same key input with Rewired Standalone Input Module as I was using in Ork Input and this was causing repeat inputs. (also, using float slider was giving me strange large value count by 10) Once I disabled Rewired Input component and switched the slider to Int variables, it functioned as intended.

    But this brings me to a different problem, I need the Standalone on for navigation for non Ork menus. My janky solution is to simply flip on the standalone component when I need it and turn it off when I don't. I don't like this solution but it works.

    I've been stuck on this problem all day and I'm still expecting something to go wrong somewhere but everything looks functional. Time will tell.

    Edit: Ah yes, mouse input doesn't work without the Input Module on. I knew there was something. Back to square one.
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  • Alternative would be to write a custom input module that combines all of that - ORK/Makinom input module is basically just a barebones one because there needs to be one :D

    Shouldn't be too hard to add functionality to rewired input module to make it work.
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  • I came up with a simple janky solution. Since I only notice the input overlapping when a slider is used, I simply block the horizontal ork input while a slider is on screen. The user doesn't notice anything and the slider functions as expected. I don't notice any other weird behavior so I'll call this issue solved.
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