Hello, a quick question: I use "ORKGameHandler.Instance().Console.AddLine(....) in my scripts to display my own texts in the console. Is there a way to change the color of the texts. I would like to show negative texts in red etc..
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    If you're using TextMeshPro for the text rendering, you should just be able to wrap the text string in a color tag and TMP should parse it automatically:

    <.color=#FF0000 >blablabla< /color.>

    Edit: (remove the periods, this forum tries to read it as a color tag too)
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  • You can also add those text codes via the buttons above the text area while editing. There are a lot of options to also change text size, etc.
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  • Text codes are really powerful, I use them often. but actually wanted to change the color in C# for my custom notification before I send it to the console. Anyway, I have a small script on the Notification UI, that had a reference to the text. Now I can change the color and send it to the console:
    "myGameManager.instance.notificationText.color = Color.red;
    ORKGameHandler.Instance().Console.AddLine(LogText, myGameManager.instance.myLog);"

    Sorry for my imprecise question, and thanks for your quick response.
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