I'm trying to use Learn Ability from schematic.

I've followed GiL's answer in another thread about how to use Select Combatant.

Once I use Select Combatant, how do I reference that combatant in Learn Ability?

Thanks kindly.
  • Change the Game Object (set to User) to Selected Data and use the key (and origin) you used in Select Combatant node
  • Thanks.

    That's nice to have clarified. Now i just need to work out why my Animation Machine isn't successfully loading the schematic.

    I have done this with success once before, adding a combatant to my battle group, so I know it can work....
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    If someone could post a screenshot of working Learn Ability node I'd appreciate it.

    That's mine. I changed the data value string, but it's consistent with what I'm checking for.

    Thanks for any help.
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  • Based on your screenshots, your Select Combatant node stores the combatants into local selected data, but without using a data key (i.e. just an empty key). Your Select Cobmatant node and the Learn Ability node need to use the same selected data setup, i.e. if stored into local data without a key, learn ability also needs to use local data without a key (or better, define a key in both to make it more clear).

    Regarding animation machine - can you post your setup and how you try to start the machine?
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