ORK 3.16.3 is here!

Small update with a few UI features (e.g. UI layouts supported pretty much everywhere UI boxes are used, e.g. also menu screens), new schematic nodes and other new features, changes and fixes.
Check out the release notes for details.

Makinom 2.15.2 is here!

Also only a small update, support for UI layouts everywhere (e.g. dialogue nodes), lowest/highest value selection when using variable lists and reflection parameters (e.g. used in function nodes) are now extensible, i.e. you can add custom parameters by adding new classes to your project.
Check out the release notes for details.
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  • Variable Lists: ‘Lowest’ and ‘Highest’ list origins available. Getting a variable from a variable list now allows getting the lowest/highest value (int/float), the value with shortest/longest distance to 0-vector (Vector3) or the shortest/longest text (string).
    Lol I just did this using a loop. What a great time saver.
  • Thanks again for the recipe HUD feature!
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