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Hi all, Merry Christmas.

I was wondering is there and option to have a inventory container slot be selected on a submenu activation E.G. When I right click on an item and the submenu opens for the item the mouse was hovering over, instead of the last used selection.
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  • Sure, that's possible.

    E.g. in UI > UI Boxes > General Settings in the Default Controls settings you can define which clicks will select an input (if they're not enabled to accept). So, if Accept Right Click is disabled, you have the Select Right Click setting available to use right click to select an input.

    An alternative setup is to use Cursor Over Selection to automatically select whatever input is below the cursor (up in the General Settings).

    Btw, the sub menu can also be displayed based on the position of the selected input if you use the sub menu's At Input Position settings.
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  • Thanks GIL, the Cursor Over Selection did what I wanted. :) Have a good Christmas!
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